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TechKnow has failed to get a sponsor for a long time, resulting in no new Android projects, rom development or anything. This resulted in a huge drop of visitors and forum activity. The new projects I'm working on aren't very popular, feedback is nearly nothing, some topics get 1000's of hits without a single reply. The host of TechKnow stops near the end of the year, and moving a dead forum would cost time and money.

This is the end. Enjoy the last months of TechKnow.



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August 04, 2015, 04:47:45 PM by HardcoreHacker

Powered by Radare, the best open source reverse engineering framework, Bokken is a GUI that allows you to disassemble, debug, analyze and manipulate binary files.

It supports many architectures (x86{16,32,64}, Dalvik (Android), avr, ARM, java, PowerPC, Sparc, MIPS) and several binary formats (pe{32,64}, [fat]mach0{32,64}, ELF{32,64}, dex (Android) and Java classes), apart from support for filesystem images and many more features.

Bokken is developed by Hugo Teso and runs primary under linux, due the way it's developed, we can also run it on Windows! However, there was no nice installer available for it, and getting it to work under Windows isn't that easy. I've taken the liberty to make the Windows installer and all that is needed more to make it work properly.

Download the first Win32 version here: Bokken v1.8 Win32

Feedback is very much apprieciated!!!

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xx NEW: TechKnow Universal Android ADB Driver (700+ in 1)
June 26, 2015, 04:55:13 PM by HardcoreHacker

New release: Universal Android ADB Driver, this driver supports the most Android devices ever supported by 1 driver! Theoretically it should work with about all Samsung, AllWinner, WonderMedia, LG, Fujitsu, Asus, Archos, Toshiba, HTC, Google, Gionee, ZTE, RockChip, Sony Ericsson and even more brands and models!

TechKnow Universal ADB Driver v0.8-HcH


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xx New mod uploaded!
May 21, 2015, 04:12:28 PM by HardcoreHacker

It has finally been uploaded! The most crazy single/multi-player game experience you'll ever have:

GTA San Andreas, modified with more than 100 mods! Including, but not limited to: GTA4 graphics and models, quick key cheats, instant object/model/npc spawners and multiplayer with dedicated server!

GTA.SA4.MOD.v1.5.6-HcH.exe here!

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xx New app coming soon!
May 12, 2015, 10:25:25 PM by HardcoreHacker
Hello TechKnow members and visitors,

a new app is coming: CloudKiller, that easily removes the well-known CloudsService trojan that comes default in a lot of  RockChip, AllWinner and WonderMedia based tablets/phones/tvboxes. The alpha version has been released, check it out

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Today at 02:46:28 PM The Magician
Lol! I'm happy that she is doing fine. Just a moment ago Rocky and Simba where playing together very cute to see

Today at 02:21:35 PM HardcoreHacker
She's doing fine, was a tad angry at me a few days ago. Ran out of crickets and forgot to buy new. She climbed up to the window demanding food. I grabbed a few grasshoppers outside.

Today at 01:28:09 PM The Magician
Thanks HcH! :) How's your little dragon?

Today at 11:06:58 AM HardcoreHacker
You've got mail PhrozenBit :)

Today at 11:00:36 AM HardcoreHacker
Hey The Magician, check this link : here about getting a app on the Play Store. Would cost $25 to start! About making a game, use Eclipse or B4A

August 27, 2015, 10:34:22 PM Phrozenbit
HcH, sad to see this site go. I have some ideas floating around in my head, maybe we can exchange E-mails ? ~phrozen

August 27, 2015, 05:40:14 PM The Magician
and we want make an apk that you can place  in the googel play store

August 27, 2015, 05:39:24 PM The Magician
yeah i never forget smelly punchout, but i don't remember how to make that apk.

That sounds very good man! you must make a list what you want to do ;)  

Rocky is doing fine btw, she really old, she eats and sleeps a lot.

August 27, 2015, 05:32:13 PM HardcoreHacker
I'm not sure what kind of challange, probably in the vains of reverse engineering, somehow I got interested in that and Bokken caught my attention, I've been playing/fooling a lot around with it. I think I'll be cracking stuff for a while, try something hard like some modern game, see if I can pull it off.

I understand you, I probably build in some hidden part on the new site for friends. I want something like a blog, but very expanded, not sure if something like that exists yet, well, see if I can make/copy-paste what I want together hehe.

About the game, you've seen my SmellyPunchOut right? ;-) It's a APK, very fun, very wrong :)

August 27, 2015, 05:14:14 PM The Magician
I'm happy that your doing fine. What kinda challenge? I have a friend who will make his own apk game, can you help us with that?

I understand you, I hope that you can make something like this, it's a part off my life, i know the first tk and know are you here. understand me?

August 27, 2015, 05:02:40 PM HardcoreHacker
BTW The Magician, it's indeed not the same, but interaction also is not much the last years, and it was hard to protect a interactive system, harder than a system that's not possible to spam :) I hope to get a new site online with all my works. the problem is that a lot of my work is grey area, meaning certain companies can take offense, like hosting cracks.

August 27, 2015, 04:57:06 PM HardcoreHacker
Thanks for your warm words Robotop! The best memories I have certainly include a lot of your work and the emails we've exchanged :) Thanks for a great time and your great work!

August 27, 2015, 04:56:20 PM HardcoreHacker
I'm doing OK, a lot less of nerding around lately. I'm looking for a new challange.

August 27, 2015, 04:20:04 PM The Magician
Okay HcH. But a online portfolio isnt the same thing. How are you doing?

August 27, 2015, 01:46:07 PM robotop
Hi HcH, sorry to see that all the good things have an end...
The time on TechKnow was a good time for me :)

August 27, 2015, 09:43:30 AM HardcoreHacker
No worries The Magician, TechKnow had a nice time but it's no future. I might start a new website which shall be more of a online portfolio.

August 26, 2015, 08:43:56 PM The Magician
Bummer that TK not have a supporter :( I will miss TK! I hope you will find a sponsor

August 24, 2015, 06:26:16 PM HardcoreHacker
Cool PhrozenBit (hehehe) I'll have a look after supper :)

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