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Welcome to TechKnow

Hello visitor and welcome to HcH'z TechKnow. Here you can find various modded firmware for tablets as well some other projects from me. For first time visitors/ROM downloaders there is a special topic to inform you how to identify your tablet model & which ROM to use. Registered members will see the downloads and Android ROM sections.

To start using custom firmware and TechKnow visit this link: 

First time visitors / ROM users read here 

Enjoy your stay!



xx Closing down TechKnow's Android forums
November 18, 2014, 11:20:29 AM by HardcoreHacker
Hello TechKnow members and visitors,

it's sad but TechKnow has failed to remain successful, even though many people come here and download my apps/modified firmware too few donate, resulting in being unable to expand TechKnow with new models. Now Android 5.0 has come out, I haven't even seen anything newer than 4.2, I don't even have a multicore tablet, I can't keep up.

We (the admin team of TechKnow) tried to get some corporate sponsors as a last resort without success. I personally do not see how we could keep up with everything. Donations and support have been very low for about 2 years now, it's not going to become better no matter what I release. Time for change.

The changes for TechKnow planned this weekend:

- Close down all Android topics/forums.
- Move the Android forums to an archive place.
- A new section for current projects will be created.
- Planning to make a new large section where all projects come together per category.
- Diverse new sections for old and new projects I'm busy with.
- More emphasis on my music projects and finishing up the last album for 2014.

Basically this means TechKnow will not longer be supporting Android, so if you want to ask us anything do it now!

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xx Attention AllWinner A20/A23 owners
October 26, 2014, 11:39:21 AM by HardcoreHacker


Dear members and visitors of TechKnow,

Due the fact the team and I see more and more people posting about their AllWinner tablet having a demo lock all the sudden we've investigated this issue and created a patcher for it. Use this tool to scan for the trojan if you have a AllWinner.

 Direct Download:
     AllWinnerDemoFix-v1.00_Incl_ADB_Driver_v1.1.1 10.65MB - Thanks huckleberrypie!
 Download Mirror 1:
     AllWinnerDemoFix-v1.00_Incl_ADB_Driver_v1.1.1 @ MediaFire 10.65MB
 Download Mirror 2:
     AllWinnerDemoFix-v1.00_Incl_ADB_Driver_v1.1.1 @ 4Shared 10.65MB

 Download LATEST: AllWinnerDemoFix-v1.20_Incl_ADB_Driver_v1.1.1 @ MediaFire 11.65MB

Feedback and questions can be discussed here: AllWinner Demo Removal Tool Topic

HcH and Fsebentley


xx Use a more safe way to get the most out of your device!
October 01, 2012, 12:25:11 PM by HardcoreHacker
Hello Members and Visitors,

Re-flashing a device is risky! Nowadays there are many clones of devices that look identical, but have different hardware inside. We all know now that when you flash the wrong ROM your tablet can get in serious problems, or even be bricked!

From now on, the Uberizer replaces the ROM mods. The Uberizer is basically a tool that uses ADB to control, boost, fix, backup and root your Android device. Connect your device to your computer, use Uberizer's Wireless ADB tricks, drivers or the driver pre-install function to quickly start modding your device. The Uberizer can perform the mods seen in Uberoid, but without reflashing your device! Making it safer than ever to optimalize your Android device!


xx New Forum Categories
January 03, 2012, 05:14:18 AM by ZapMe1
18 MARCH 2012: TechKnow is now also on Tapatalk!

Just wanted to let you all know that we have opened up a few new Categories on the TechKnow Forum! We will be adding additional boards in the near future, but for now we have:
  • Tutorials:  The best "How-To" content by both members and staff.
  • Customizations:  Show us your talents with personalized content for our tablets.
  • VIP Contributions:  The Best of Member Donated Content.
  • Off-Topic Chit-Chat:  A place to socialize, relax, and post your Non-Uberoid content.

xx Opening of the new website
November 30, 2011, 08:53:36 PM by HardcoreHacker
Hello members and visitors of TechKnow,

The new site has been done! Thanks to moderator ZapMe1 who put a lot of effort in testing and modding the new forum, the new site has been built very fast! Hosting is thanks to

With the new site I hope to make a more clear and user friendly website.



Forum Rules

* First time visitors / rom users read here

* Full list of TechKnow / Uberoid supported tablets

* Rules for posting on TechKnow

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